My name is Volker “Frank” Buddenbrock, German by birth, but pretty much raised in the U.S. I’ve been shooting photos since a high school photography class and the gift of a Minolta 202 SLR- pretty snazzy in its day- I remember many of my friends in photo class shooting twin-lens reflex cameras. (I shot with them later as well, and ultimately 8×10 and 4×5 studio cameras before adopting the first single-shot digital camera made by PhaseOne.)

My younger sister Michele wanted to be a model, and it seemed natural that I would take the photos she needed for her modeling school. They came out quite good- so good in fact, that several of her classmates (aspiring models all) asked if I might take their shots as well. How bad could that be- shooting pictures of pretty young girls- and getting paid for it?!?!

That lead to being an assistant for numerous Los Angeles-based photographers, and then launching out on my own.